Tuesday, December 22, 2009



Preparation time:10 minutes

Cooking time: 10minutes

Serving: 4 persons


Wheat Flour: 2 cups

Salt: as per taste

Water: as required


• In a wide bowl mix wheat flour and salt.

• Put little little water in flour and make very soft dough from it.

• Once the dough is done it will not stick in your hand and, that is the symptom that, dough is ready for making nice healthy roties.

• Keep it for half an hour by covering a wet cloth.

• After half an hour knead the dough again and make equal size of balls from it.

• Roll the balls in 15 centimeter diameter by dusting flour on it.

• Mean while, heat a tava at flame gently dust off the excess flour and place roti on it. Cook both side of roti and put on flame by the help of chimata.

• Make all roties in same procedure.

One roti of 20 grams contains approximately 40 calorie.


• If you are travelling long way and you want to carry roties along with you for 3-4 days then you can use milk instead of water for making smooth dough. It helps you to make roties more soft and also it stays for 3-4 days.

• If you want to reduce salt intake in your food then you can avoid putting salt in dough.

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