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December 21, 2009 Dubai

Hi All

This week I will give you some basic recipes which we prepare in our routine life. So if you think about lunch or dinner today what will come in your mind rice, roti,dal aur kuch sabzi etc.So here we go:


Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 10minutes

Serving: 2 persons


Any Raw rice or Basmathi rice:2 cup or 200 gms

Water:4 cups or as required


Here I will give you two method of cooking rice.

Method I

• Wash rice and soak for ½ an hour.

• Then put rice in cooker along with 4 cup water.

• Cook for 5 minutes in medium flame. That’s all we done.

Method II

• Some people don’t like rice cooked in cooker particularly East Indian people.

• In that case take heavy bottom pan in which you can cook 2 cup rice

• Put nearly 6-7 cup of water in it and boil it.

• Once waters gets boil then put soaked rice into it and allow it to get cook properly but keep stirring it again and again.

• Once rice is cooked then filter it in rice filter or put lead on pan and remove the excess water (kanji) from it.

200 grams cooked rice contain approximately 643 calorie.


• You can put 2-3 drops of refined oil in rice while cooking in cooker it help rice to cook fast.

• You can put a pinch of salt also it will make rice tastier.

• When you cook rice in open pan, you can reduce calorie count in your rice intake since the excess water (kanji) will be removed and extra carbohydrate will be reduced.

• Open pan cooking is very suitable for preparing fried rice and some variety rice like lemon rice, coconut rice etc.

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