Monday, March 1, 2010

Home Remedy

Now a day’s our life has become so stressful, that we are surviving on medicine more than food. If you ask old age people, at home, what they were doing for their cold and cough or stomach ache, and then you will get a simple answer, that they were doing nothing. Their food itself was giving them good power and energy to fight all common disease. Study shows that on those days everything was organic, fresh and with no chemical which was all enough to give them energy and immunity. Perhaps nowadays it’s exactly opposite.

Today’s home remedy is about your stomach ache due to gas problem which I have learnt from my grandmother in law Smt R Vathsala.I am reposting it for and a2zvegetariancuisine

Cumin (Jeera) Water

Preparation time: 1 minute

Cooking time: 10 minutes

What you need

Cumin (Jeera) seeds-2 tbs

Water -2 cups

Ghee-1/4 tsp

Sugr-1 tsp


• Heat a pan and dry roast the cumin seeds till it changes it color.

• Then add water in this and allow it boil in high flame.

• Boil this till water reduces to ½ cup.

• Filter this water in a cup.

• Allow it to get cool down for some time.

• Add sugar and ghee in this when it is warm.

• Drink this.

• You will get relief in 5-10 minutes from pain.


Anonymous said...

very good idea

Anonymous said...

Useful indeed!


Unknown said...

great to see varieties, hope you woll give many more items!keep it up

Anonymous said...

nice and tasty

ruchikacooks said...

Thank you Subha. This is the first entry for the event , even before mine :) I kept checking as soon as I got your comment.

Very useful tip, thanks for participating. Send in as many as you can if you have the time.