Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Home Remedy

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Today’s home remedy is for common cold and cough. There are no cure for this and also very rarely fatal to others. Home remedy and some known pills only can give some relief to the sufferers. It is most common illness in kids under the age 5 yrs.

Read this for more detail about common cold and cough

I would suggest all mothers not to use any home remedy or medication for kids under the age 5 year without doctor consultation.

So here is one remedy for kids older than 5 year.

Preparation time-5 minutes

Cooking time-5 minutes


Grated ginger-1 tbs

Pepper corn seed-1/2 tbs

Basil (Tulasi) leaves-4

Honey -1 tbs

Water-1 cup


• Boil all the above mentioned ingredients with a cup of water except honey.

• Boil till water reduced to half

• Filter it.

• Mix honey with this water.

• Give it to you kid when it is warm.


• Adult also can try this remedy ,it gives lots of relief, but only remember that the quantity should be doubled, for adults.

• Along with this remedy, drink lots of fluid, it will save you or your kids to get dehydrate.

• Drink fluid which contain Vitamin C and zinc since these two elements increase you immunity.

• Don’t eat and drink anything which is cold.

• Take at least 8 hrs of sleep every day.

• Avoid going to public places if you have cold and flu to save other people from infection.

• If you feel that your illness increasing then please visit doctor without any dely.


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