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When we talk about the Indian sweet, the first name comes in mind is Gulab Jamun and, now a day it has become very common at every house, hotel, wedding party or birthday party.

I am not going to give you the recipe of gulab jamun today but something related to it. When I was watching some cooking videos in YouTube then I came across one video about how to make gulab jamun dough. Traditionally, gulab jamun is made from rasa khoya (a kind of khoya used for preparing some particular sweets) but the video was all together different, It was with milk powder, and the chef is very well know as Vah chef.Even you can check his video in if, you have any doubt from my recipe.

I didn’t not make gulab jamun with his recipe but he has shown in his later video about the Kala Jamun so I decided to make, another family member of gulab jamun, is kala jamun.Being honest, I will not say that there was not a single crack in kala jamun but very negligible, those will be not visible at all but believe me taste is awasome.Try this recipe you will love it. If you don’t have khoya at home then this is the best option to make your guests happy. Have a look:-


Preparation time: 20 minutes (Approximately)

Cooking time: 30-40 minutes (Approximately)

Makes-16 Kala Jamuns


Low Fat Milk Powder-2 cups

Veg Shortening or Dalada-2 tsp

Baking powder-1 tsp

All purpose Flour (Maida)-2 tsp

Rava-2 tsp (soaked in warm water for 5 minutes)

Milk-little for sprinkling and making dough (at room temperature)

Oil or ghee-For deep frying

For Making Sugar Syrup

Sugar-2 cups

Water-2 cups

Cardamom Powder-1/2 tsp

Saffron-a pinch (Optional)

Lemon Juice-1/2 tsp


• Take a thick bottom pan and add 2 cups of water along with 2 cups of sugar.

• Add lemon juice in this.

• Bring it to boil in high flame.

• Once syrup starts boiling then reduce flame.

• Add cardamom powder and saffron in this.

• Make a one wire consistency.

• Take it off from flame.

• Keep aside.


• In a mixing bowl, put milk powder and vegetable shortening (Dalada),mix it with your finger tips.

• It should turn like bread crumbs.

• Now add all purpose flour, baking powder and rava (drain water completely).

• Mix very nicely so that rava should not appear separately.

• Now sprinkle little milk and make smooth dough from it. Do not add too much milk at a time.

• Now take a ¼ part of dough and mix any food colour you desire in it. Mix well.

• Now make very small balls from it (for me it came around 16 balls).

• Now the other part of dough, Make 16 equal size of ball from it also (it should be bigger than coloured one).

• Now take a ball from the non colour dough and give a small bowl shape to it.

• Put one coloured ball inside of this and close the edges of it with the help of your finger tips and again give a shape like ball (how we do for making stuffed chapatti).

• Then slowly keeping inside your palm give a cylinder shape to this and keep aside.

• Make other balls also in same method.

• Now in frying pan heat oil/ghee.

• Be careful about the temperature of oil here. It should not be very high or low.

• The very good method of checking the temperature is take a very small ball of dough and drop inside oil, it should go and set in the bottom then slowly come on the top. This is the perfect temprature.If oil has become too hot then switch off flame and wait till oil come to required temperature.

• Now once oil set as per required temperature then put the prepared ball in this.

• Keep rotating oil but never never touch the jamun with your spoon or ladle if you touch it by spoon then cracks will form in it.

• You need to make them float in oil only by rotating oil through spoon.

• Once it is turn to little brown in colour then remove it on kitchen towel and keep aside for 10 minutes.

• Don’t turn off flame.

• After 10 minutes put again this kala jamun balls to oil and fry till it turn to black brown colour or can be said as dark chocolate colour.

• Then remove it on kitchen tissue.

• Now before adding it to syrup you need to check the temperature of syrup. The syrup should be warm. If not then warm it.

• Now add all fried balls in this warm syrup.

• Let it soak for about 3-4 hours.

• Serve warm or in room temperature.


• Why I have added lemon juice to sugar syrup is because it helps sugar, not to crystallise again.

• I have added coloured balls in side kala jamun for bringing interest of my daughter to it but if you do not want then you can avoid this and make plain one.

• Never touch jamun by spoon while frying it in oil.

• Remember to add fried kala jamun only in warm syrup or else the syrup will not go completely inside of balls.

• You can keep some dry fruits also inside the balls.


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