Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Sakkara Pongal!!!!! Very delicious and famous dish of Tamil Nadu. Celebration of pongal is over but I still prepare this, at least once in a month, for my princess because she loves it.Histroy shows, that Iyengars prepare the best sakkara pongal, since Akkarvadhsal and sakkar pongal is their traditional dish. Being an iyengar daughter in law, I got the chance to learn this in the first year of my wedding. All first year festivals, after wedding, are called as Thalai festivals and my Tahali pongal was in Chennai, in my in laws house. It is a tradition that, the pongal should be prepared by new vadhu (Daughter in Law) for the festival since I was new to the dish, my mother in law was just standing next to me, and guiding me what to do and only because of her guidance now I can prepare hundred of south Indian food. I made this again for my daughter and thought of sharing the Iyengar recipe with everyone. Try this recipe, I guarantee this will give you excellent taste of south Indian Iyengar Pongal.


Preparation time: 10 minutes (Approximately)

Cooking time: 45-50 minutes (Approximately)

Serve – 6 persons


Whole Milk-11/2 litre

Rice-1cup (you can also use jeera rice (Dubraj) or Basmati)

Jaggery-2 cup

Ghee-1/2 cup

Broken Cashew nut-4-5 tabs

Raisine-4-5 tabs

Cardamom powder-1 tsp

Mace (Javitri) powder or Nutmeg (Jaifal)-a pinch


• Wash rice and keep aside.

• Take a heavy bottom pan (I don’t have here so I used pressure cooker without its lid)

• Add milk in this and put it on high flame.

• Once milk comes to boil then reduce flame and add washed rice in this.

• Keep steering till rice gets cooked.

• Meanwhile heat another pan and put 1 cup water along with jaggery in this.

• Keep steering till jaggery gets melted.

• Once jaggery melted then filters it and keep aside.

• Now come to milk and rice. Once rice is cooked completely (it should beome like soft cotton when you touch it) then add jaggery water in this and keep steering.

• Once pongal is thick enough then add ghee, cardamom powder and javitri powder.

• Mix well.

• Now in a pan heat 1 tsp ghee and fry all dry fruits till it is golden brown colour.

• Add this to pongal.

• Serve hot or cold.


• Remember to add jaggery water only when rice is cooked completely.

• While cooking pongal keep steering it or else it might get burn.

• For flavour you can also add eatable krapoor or saffron.


Namitha said... this.Thanks for sharing this authentic dish

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Sweet pongal looks so yummm...

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woow!!looks so delicious.....

kitchen queen said...

lovely and delicious pongal.

Swathi said...


Sakkara pongal looks really yummy

gtyuk said...

sakkarai pongal looks simply perfect and delightful with the cashews and raisins topping!!!! wonderful recipe!!! I love to follow the traditional family recipes too; thank you for sharing yours!!!

uma said...

I wanna try this Subhashini.. but whats Javitri dear... new for me..

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Woww thats an authentic sweet dish, i just love it..

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This is such an authentic and a delicious dish! Thanks for sharing it dear:)

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Very interesting post....loved reading your thalai pongal :) pongal looks very delicious!

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sakkara pongal is a fave with my husband...i make it often too!

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yummy sweet dish..

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I love this too..looks yumm.

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Now i remember my mom, she used to just excel in the making of this.....its a yummy dish!

abhi said...

hello Subhashini ji,
this dish is looking so good :)

your both blogs are great....i mean it wud really be o a great help for my mom and my sis...;)

so that i can give them ur recipies and useful tips:)

nice work :)

Gomathy S said...

Sakkara Pongal super !!

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I made this today>>it came soo well.....I cant believe myself..It was soo gud than I expected..thanks for the receipe:)

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A number one yummy prasadam,looks delicious.