Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Today I was reading the great chef Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor’s very interesting post MEN AS COOK. It was such a nice article that I could not close my eyes for a minute. It is fact that kitchen is restricted area for men by women and honestly I also do so. It is not like that he cannot cook .He is expert in some items which even I cannot make delicious but I always feel that when I am there then why he needs to cook.

While reading the post, lots of memory was flowing in my mind. I remember when I was pregnant and my husband used to fulfil my all wishes (even now he does).Those days I used to feel hungry in the mid of night but without any hesitation and irritation he used to get up and prepare something for me, even in early morning before I will get up my tea will be ready. Believe me no one can make tea like him. .

After reading the article, I understand one thing that we should allow or request our man to cook sometimes, by doing this they will have change of mind and we will also get some relaxation. I wish that I should post my husband’s recipe very soon Please read the article it is really very interesting (Link in first paragraph).

 Today I end up with making a very simple recipe” Tomato Pappu” always love to have with hot rice.

Tomato Dal (Pappu)

Preparation time: 10 minutes (Approximately)

Cooking time: 20 minutes (Approximately)

Serving: 4 persons


Red Gram Dal-1 ½ cup (Washed and soaked for half an hour)

Water-2 ½ cups

Turmeric Powder-1/4 tsp

Tomatoes-4-5 medium (Cut in cubes)

Green Chillies-3-4 (Sliced)

Curry Leaves5-6

Oil-1 Tabs

Mustard Seeds-1 tsp

Split black gram (Urad) Dal-1 tsp

Asafetida-a pinch

Salt-to taste


• Pressure cooks the soaked dal with 2 ½ cups of water and turmeric powder in medium heat till you get 3 whistles.

• Now heat a pan and put oil in this.

• Once oil is heated up add mustard seeds, split black gram dal, curry leaves,  green chillies and asafoetida.

• Once mustard seeds are cracked the add cut tomatoes with little salt.

• Put lid on pan and cook for couple of minutes.

• Once tomatoes hare ¾ cooked then add cook dal in this along with salt.

• Let the dal boil for sometimes.

• Once dal reaches to you desired thickness (Andhra people eat little thick dal) then remove it from heat.

• Serve with rice and chutney.


• You can make this recipe instantly, add tomatoes and green chillies while pressure cook the dal then season it with above mentioned ingredients.

• Some of people add cubed onion in this, even you can. Add after seasoning is ready and before adding tomatoes, but the taste will be little sweet.


Santosh Bangar said...

comfort dish looking simple easy healthy

kitchen queen said...

yummy and delicioustomato dal.

divya said...

looks so tempting dear...
Wishing you and your family a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year:)

Misty said...

This dish is new to me. I'll try it tomorrow. Looks pretty appetizing. Just a quick question though. Is it okay to add more turmeric/curcumin powder?

Vimitha Durai said...

Flavorful comfort food

Nammaruchi.blogspt.com said...

Yummy and comforting..

Unknown said...

very delicious daal.

Happy New Year to you and your family.

Swathi said...

Tomato pappu looks yumm

Unknown said...

looks so delicious... it sort of reminds me of gujju dal, but tomato pappu incorporates more tomatoes. wonderful.